Every Year About This Time

I am so exhausted right now. But I gotta write about this stuff. It's significant.

The first third of this month has been a real trip. All of a sudden, I find myself more motivated. More confident. Less prone to…

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I think the first time I entered any kind of music-related contest was when I was about 14 years old. My little guitar buddies and I heard about a guitar shred-off competition happening on the campus of the University of

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Sometimes people ask me, “What does a music producer do?” I've noticed a fairly wide gulf between what people think a record producer does (and is responsible for) and what a producer actually does. So I decided to write about…

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Gosh, it's been quite a busy year so far.

Busy with good things, mostly. Looks like this might shape up to be one of the really good years. I hope it's the same for you.

Anyway, one of the things…

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The Artist's Way

My hand hurts. My right hand. The one I use to pick and strum and stuff like that. It hurts because I've been doing my "Morning Pages" every day since 2023 began.


Happy New Year, by the way! How…

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Ten Of My Favorite Albums Of 2022

I'm excited to write about some of my favorite music of 2022! It's been an exhilarating year of listening for me. Lots of new stuff. Lots of inspiration. Lots of cool grooves. I've been seeing the lists starting to pop…

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