Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 1

Guys! Today I introduce a new feature in the Matt Kollock blog. It's called "Discover Weakly Wednesday" and I'm excited to present Volume One to you now.

The purpose of this feature is to share the music that's turning me on in the hopes that it might turn you on, too. As for the name of the playlist, it is inspired by Spotify's popular Discover Weekly playlist. You see, I changed the word Weekly to "Weakly" in mine. Fun with homophones!

This playlist, like Discover Weekly, contains 30 songs, which should fill about two hours. Volume One clocks in at about 2:20:00, I think. So there you go. I just helped you kill some time. You're welcome!

This week's playlist is dominated by songs that formed the soundtrack for my most recent cosmic journey. They helped me learn some things about myself and the world in which I live. They brought me to a place where I realized that I don't have to suffer alone when I suffer. No one has to suffer alone, in fact. Stuff like that. It's just that kind of playlist! So give it a listen and see what it does for you. Then report back to me, okay? Great!

I'll be putting one of these together and posting it every Wednesday, so please stay tuned.

Oh yeah, one more thing – you can follow my Spotify user account here so you can keep up with all the stuff I'm putting into my earholes.

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Okay. Here's The Playlist. Enjoy! 🎶💃🕺🎶

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