Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 7

Guys, I did it again – It's another Discover Weakly Wednesday! And it feels good. Well, I feel good. Mostly. Do you feel good? Good!

A Name Change?

I was chatting with Annie this week and she pointed out how there are a lot of playlists that use the "Discover Weakly" nomenclature. She's right. I probably should have vetted the name a little more diligently before committing to it. Now here we are. I've done seven of these things so far. But I'm not exactly setting the world alight with these playlists. So maybe now would be a good time to change the name, while this thing is still in its infancy.

I just don't know what to call it. I'll come up with something, I'm sure. But right now I got nothin'. What about you? Any suggestions?

So Somber, So Serious

This week's entry contains a lot of the usual stuff. There are a couple of Grateful Dead tunes. A couple of D'Angelo tracks. Some cool modern hip-hop selections. Some classic ones, too. No Ween this time; I have a feeling that many of the forthcoming playlists will be Ween heavy, though.

Mostly, I feel like this playlist is characterized by some somber songs in the midsection, many of them by women artists I admire. I want to point out that the lovely "Michigan" is by a New Mexican artist, Stephanie Hatfield. She is very, very good.

I also tacked an Iron Maiden song to the end. It doesn't really fit, but it's just so, so relevant.


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