Hey Matt – When's Your Next Show?


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Lately, numerous people have asked when and where I'll be performing again. There's nothing on the schedule, friends. Sorry. I can only sell myself and ask for opportunities so much on my own, and there are only so many opportunities to go around with many talented, deserving people ready to take them on. I have a booking agent who helps, but I am just one of many clients, plus I'm a little harder to sell than some other local artists since I play mostly original music. So I don't get booked much. 

Generally, these opportunities go to the people who have fans who tell bartenders, venue owners, bookers, promoters and other music fans about them. Therefore, if you want to see me play live music, don't ask me; ask people at your favorite venues to hire me. Otherwise, they have no good reason to pay me money to play music. And it means a lot more coming from you than it does from me. 

If you are genuinely interested in helping me and making it possible for me to continue creating music, there are things you can do besides telling the above-mentioned individuals about me: 

  • Visit my website, mattkollock.com, sign up for me email list and read my blog (just like you're doing right now! Thank you!)
  • Follow me and interact with me on social media 
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel 
  • Get a sticker and-or pin from me (for free) and display it somewhere where people can see it 
  • Tell other people you like my music and that perhaps they might like my music, too 
  • Sign up for my Patreon 

Just because I'm not performing live doesn't mean I'm not active! There's lots of stuff going on behind the scenes, and there's a lot to catch up with on my website. I've got music coming out soon on all the streaming platforms, in addition to 'The Matt Kollock Show' podcast. I'm also going to be doing a lot more live performing on the internet. Things are good! I appreciate you! You make all this possible! 

TL;DR: if you're one of those amazing people who has asked me about when I will be performing again, Thank you!!! It's complicated. However, you can help me out just by telling others about me and following along on my website and stuff. I really appreciate your support. I can't do what I'm doing without it. ?

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