Songs From Quarantine #10

Hello and welcome to the tenth and possibly final installment of my groundbreaking Songs From Quarantine playlist series. It's been a fun ride! We'll see if I continue operating said ride. I will keep you posted.

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All the Hits From J to Z

But no Jay-Z. I love hip-hop, but I've never been able to get into Hova. Anyway, the playlist begins with Jeff Rosenstock's fantastic new album, NO DREAM, and concludes with a couple of tracks from ZZ Top's first album.

By the way, I watched the ZZ Top documentary, That Little Ol' Band From Texas, over the weekend and I recommend it highly! What a great band! Cool dudes!

I also included several Danny Gatton songs. That guy knew how to play the guitar. I watched his 1987 instructional video the other day and was reminded of how much he influenced in my early years as a picker. Goddamn.

You can hear me talk about Danny Gatton and a bunch of other shit in the latest episode of my podcast, The Matt Kollock Show, so check it out, won't you?

I also included some selections from Bob Dylan, the original rock 'n' roll weirdo. He celebrated his 79th birthday the other day. Good times. My selections from Bobby D on today's playlist are all from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue thing, which was documented in that Scorsese thing that came out last year.

I don't know what else to say. Please enjoy the playlist!

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