Songs From Quarantine #2

Hello and welcome to April 1st, 2020. April Fool's Day; one like no other.

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Guys, it's 4/20 all month long. If you know, you know. I know. And I know you know. This is very exciting. And it couldn't come at a more perfect time. Friends, it's time to chill out. To relax. To not rush. To be contemplative. To notice all the things about yourself so you can decide what's worth keeping. All that kind of stuff. So it's helpful to be able to change one's consciousness. We change ourselves and we change the world.

Just a Bunch of Great Songs

This week's Covid-19 quarantine playlist contains 66 songs. 5.5 hours of music. Perfect for a cosmic journey inside one's self.

But really, it's just a bunch of great songs to listen to as you avoid touching your face. There's some live stuff from the usual favorites. Some bouncy, righteous hip-hop. Some church music, which I think is going to be making regular appearances here; I am getting into Gospel. Can I testify? Can I get a witness? 🙌

I hope you enjoy this playlist, friends. And I hope you and yours are safe. That you have what you need. That you are taking this time to contemplate who you really are and what kind of world you want to live in. All that.

I'll see you next week with another one, friends. Until then, please enjoy. And let me know what you think, won't you? Thanks!

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