Songs From Quarantine #8

Hey guys,

It's been a damn week. How's it been for you?

If you wanna know more about what's going on in my world, my podcast, The Matt Kollock Show, is probably the best place to get that information. I just released the eighth episode the other day, and I think it's a good one. Just me talking. But I feel like I'm pretty good at that. You should listen, okay?

All right!

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Music from the Dead and the Living

So yeah. I don't want this weekly playlist to be all about the people we lost in the previous seven days. But goddamn if we didn't lose Little Richard, Betty Wright and Florian Schneider (of Kraftwerk fame). So I put a bunch of their music on this playlist. Hopefully it's all stuff that you aren't sick of already. I have good taste.

I stuck a bunch of Frank Zappa on there, too. I listened to Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar! over the weekend and thought I might be going down a Zappa hole. I don't think that's happening, but I'm glad to have spent some time with Frank, and I'm happy to share some of his improvisational instrumental genius with you.

We got into a little bit of reggae around here. That's represented.

There's a bunch of other stuff from other artists, too. Some of them are dead. Some are still alive. The music remains, regardless. That's a pretty cool thing about music.

So yeah. here you go! Thanks!

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