Songs From Quarantine #1 and an Update on Stuff


What's going on where you are? Are you still working? Do you provide an essential service? Are you dealing with kids and older folks and just trying to keep it all together? Are you worried about finances and all…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 12

Guys, I think this might be the final Discover Weakly Wednesday. I did 12 of 'em. That's good enough, right?

But it's not the end. I'm going to keep making playlists. I'm just going to call them something else…

Let's Keep the Money Energy Flowing!

I get my money by doing stuff for people who get paid by other people. Those other people are quickly losing their ability to pay the people who pay me. So I've been over in here in quarantine from the…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 11

We are all still here. Let's celebrate with cool tunes!

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This Is Quarantine Music

Today is the eleventh day of March. Which means it's 3/11. Which means it's the day I remember how much I loved the…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 10

I am back! The blog is back! And I've brought a super-size bag of tunes with me for this edition of Discover Weakly Wednesday.

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And holy shit! It's the tenth one of these damn things. That's…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 10

This is the tenth one of these things! Holy Shit!

It's also Valentine's Day today, so happy Valentine's Day to you! I love you!

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Shorter But Every BIt As Good

I don't have a lot of time…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 9

It's here, guys!

This Valentine's week edition of Discover Weakly Wednesday contains so much goddamn love. For real. I would not lie to you.

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126 Minutes of Nice Music for the Nice People

So I have to…

What Are All These Guitars Doing?

I am working on my solo debut album. Well, to be precise, I am working on writing a blog post about working on my solo debut album. And here you are reading it! I think I'm writing this to prove…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 9

February's first Friday is here already. 2020 is traveling like a bullet train. Are you taking time for stillness? Are you meditating? Have you remembered to remain present? I know, I know; it's tough. It's been tough for me, too…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 8

Damn! I listened to so many good songs this week! I considered creating a super-sized edition of the playlist, but I decided to seek the value in making tough choices. Therefore, this week's edition contains a lean, mean 114 minutes…

I Do This Spiritual Shit for a Reason

These days I find myself working through much of my spiritual curriculum during long-ass walks through the Rio Grande Bosque. I'm a highly sensitive and painfully shy person much of the time, so I require a tremendous amount of courage…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 8

What a week.

Annie and I both had big work-related stuff going on. The world continued its newly preferred state of near-constant agitation. We had a houseguest – who was lovely and amazing. But still, having even the most welcome…