What Is Success?

I remember a time about 25 years ago when I told a girlfriend's mom that I would be perfectly content and fulfilled if I spent my life playing blues guitar licks in midwestern bars. At the time, that was my…

Odds and Ends #4 (Game of Groans)

Hello, friend. Marketing people say you should address your audience directly as if you are communicating with a single individual. As if you, friend, are the only one reading this. So that’s what I’m doing here. I wrote this blog…

I Am Not a Lyrics Person/I Am a Lyrics Person

I can come up with chord progressions all day long. But that’s not songwriting. 

By definition, a song is something that’s sung. You can’t sing a chord progression. In fact, it’s impossible. I know because I’ve tried. 

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Inspiration Information

I make music mostly because I feel so inspired by other people who make or have made music. It is not enough for me to simply listen and enjoy. I need to dive in and mix it up myself.


Odds and Ends #3 (Back in Training)

Guys! Remember the Police Academy films? Gosh, those sure were great films, weren’t they? I think I saw most of them in the theater when I was a boy. I would not be who I am today without those important…

A Conversation Between the Universe and Me

Hi there and thank you for checking out the Matt Kollock blog! It’s been a minute, so I’m happy to be back on track with this thing. I was just gonna take one week off, and then a whole damn…

Odds and Ends #2 (ELECTRIC BOOGALOO)

Hello, friends! How are things? What’s the weather like where you’re located? Shitty? Yeah, that’s how it is here, too. Of course, if the weather were pleasant all the time, that would be even shittier.

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