Songs From Quarantine #7

Guys, I listened to a ton of great music over the past week. Therefore, this week's edition of Songs From Quarantine is a bit more substantial than in past weeks. Just a bit. So this week's playlist has 75 songs, up nine from the usual 66. Still, it will only take you about 5.5 hours to get through the whole thing. So that's pretty cool, right?

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The Most Accessible Boognish with Mr. Levy and Some Locals

Ween's most accessible album, White Pepper, was released 20(!) goddamn years ago this past week. I put a few songs from that classic album on the playlist. Naturally.

I also got into a reggae artist from the '70s and '80s named Barrington Levy this week. That was cool. Annie and I have been talking about getting more into those types of sounds.

There are also all three songs from my friend Kira Holt's new EP, entitled Gold Flakes. So that's neat. Make sure you check out episode four of The Matt Kollock Show to hear my fun and enlightening conversation with Kira.

Former Albuquerque resident and guy I met one time Wyatt Granger released another set of songs under the "Rue Badly" project name. It's called Flu Season, and I think that title was chosen well before all this current stuff that's happening. So that's pretty wild. I put a song from that release on the playlist too. It's some good shit.

Okay. That's all I want to say right now. It's time to get into the music. I hope you dig it, friends!

Until next time, please stay safe and stay strange. If you can get even stranger, that would be better. See you next week!

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