Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 10

I am back! The blog is back! And I've brought a super-size bag of tunes with me for this edition of Discover Weakly Wednesday.

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And holy shit! It's the tenth one of these damn things. That's pretty cool. Everybody said we had no chance. That we would never get this far. Now look at us. We did it, guys!

So yeah, it's been a minute. How have you been? How's the weather where you're at? Did you vote on Super Tuesday? I hope you did the right thing. And by the right thing, I mean voting for Bernie Sanders. Have you seen Joe Biden speak publicly lately? Anyway, that's not why I'm here today. I'm here today to keep the party going. Not the Democratic Party, but the one that lives in all of our hearts.

All The Songs You Need

I have to be honest – I've been compiling this playlist over the last several weeks and I have no idea how to describe it or what themes it represents or anything like that. I didn't take extra time to sequence it, either, so go ahead and listen on shuffle if you wanna, okay? It'll work out just great that way.

Let's see... This thing has some Kanye, Sade, Ween, Grateful Dead and Janet Jackson. So yeah, I think we're all set. It's all the songs you will ever need.

Here's the playlist. Enjoy! And please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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