Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 8

Damn! I listened to so many good songs this week! I considered creating a super-sized edition of the playlist, but I decided to seek the value in making tough choices. Therefore, this week's edition contains a lean, mean 114 minutes of magic music. I hope I made the right curatorial decisions. I know you'll let me know what you think, won't you?

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This Week's Theme Is There Is No Theme!

I'm sitting here looking at these songs and I can't think of any unifying ideas to tie them all together. They're all good songs. I promise. I mean, I dug them when I listened to them this past week.

The playlist contains a triple shot of Ween, so that's notable, I suppose. Just one Grateful Dead tune. From the studio, which is weird. Uh, what else? Oh yeah, there are a few fun back-to-backs. So don't listen on shuffle mode, okay? Wonderful!

Okay. I've said enough. Here's the playlist.


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