Let's Keep the Money Energy Flowing!

I get my money by doing stuff for people who get paid by other people. Those other people are quickly losing their ability to pay the people who pay me. So I've been over in here in quarantine from the Covid-19 thing trying to secure as many bags as possible. Annie, too. Rona got us hustlin'.

But really, Annie and are fine. We have a nice little comfortable house that's stocked with plenty of food, soap and – most importantly – toilet paper. We have a little bit of money saved. We have projects to work on and we are recognizing opportunities in this time that did not exist a week ago. But the money and stuff is going to run out at some point. And with our clients having a limited ability to pay us, we need to come up with some ways to keep moving. Keep surviving. Keep creating and keep providing value to people.

Annie is writing like crazy and strategizing, as usual. She has developed a community of wonderful people who are looking to her now for perspective and wisdom through these Coronavirus shenanigans.

I am working on getting some written pieces put together and published here on my website. I am fast-tracking my podcast, The Matt Kollock Show, so people can listen while they hang out and disinfect. There's a HUGE need for content to consume, and I am looking forward to doing my part. I am also digging deep into the process of making my album, which is still on track for a July 2020 release. There's also a super-secret project I am having a lot of trouble keeping under wraps. That will be available soon, as well, thanks to the current situation.

So we're working on stuff. Providing value. Connecting with community. Helping each other. Figuring out ways to keep the flow going when people are understandably concerned about money.

Money Energy Doesn't Work at a Standstill

I get why our clients are unable to pay us right now. I get why things that would have brought income to us have to be canceled. No judgment!

But I worry about the stagnation that can happen when people stop the flow of energy out of fear. Annie and I intend to continue to support our community. We are giving money to self-employed people and creators we know, love and respect. We are planning on buying gift cards for local restaurants so they can remain in business during a time when it is actually socially irresponsible to remain open to the public.

We are interested in keeping the flow of money going, and we hope you are, too!

I encourage you to support your local artists, creators and business owners during this time. You don't have to leave the house to do it, either. You can pay for things over the phone or send money via PayPal or Venmo. You can sign up for peoples' Patreon pages, which shows them that you appreciate the value they bring to the world. If you have a little extra, please consider the positive chain-reaction that can happen when you pay it forward; when you recognize the value certain people are providing to your life.

All This Content Is Saving the World

Right now people are being encouraged to stay home and chill. I'm all about it! So many podcasts and albums to listen to. So many movies and TV shows. So much reading to do online and in the pages of books. Imagine if you didn't have these things! They are quite valuable, aren't they? So if you appreciate the stuff that's getting you through this time, please consider passing some of that energy along. And then we will keep passing it along, making excellent art along the way, boosting the power and influence of the energy. Everybody wins!

The Big Ask

Annie and I will be over here working on stuff, hustling and creating. So are a lot of other people you love. But we depend on people like you to support our work and show us that you value it by directing your money energy toward us.

So now that there are no live shows or workshops or open mics or people who can afford ghostwriting services, I ask that you consider Annie, me and all the other self-employed creators and entrepreneurs as you think of where your money energy ought to flow at this time.

I've got a PayPal link you can use any time to donate to me and my endeavors. It goes directly to me instantly. You can donate any amount you want to keep the ship afloat. 

I've also got a Patreon account, which allows people to support me by paying a monthly subscription fee of as little as $1.00. Patrons get to see all sorts of exclusive content that I wouldn't dream of posting here to the masses. It's really cool. And I even have a fun little button you can click on to join me. Here it is:

Become a Patron!

Annie's got stuff, too. And she wrote about all this a lot more eloquently than I did. So check her stuff out, too, won't you?

Also, Annie just published a damn book that you can buy now! It's really good! I helped edit it.

You know what? I am not worried about me or Annie being able to get through this Coronavirus deal. We'll be fine. We have what we need. But for us to keep putting stuff in the world and all that, we need continued support. So do the artists, creators and self-employed wizards in your community.

The Deepest Bow of Gratitude You Have Ever Seen

Friends, I sure do appreciate you! The fact that you are reading this blog and hanging out here with me means everything. You are the reason why I'm doing all this stuff. Thank you!

If you are unable to peel off resources to help creators like me and Annie out right now, that's totally cool. I get it; so many people are hurting right now and I would never ask you to consider making your life more risky just to make ours a little less so. But if you have resources and means and are wondering what to do with them, well, here we are. And so are lots of others.

And remember, it's a flow of energy. It comes back. I know this from experience. So yeah.

And I guess now all I can do is say thanks again, bow in deep gratitude and keep creating. So I'm going to do that now.

Thank you! I LOVE YOU!!! 

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