Songs From Quarantine #6

Guys, this playlist is a really, really good one!

It's down there at the bottom if you wanna get into it now. ­čĹç

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This Week's 66 Songs

I spent a little extra time curating, clipping and compiling this one, so I hope you dig it. This would be a good one to play front to back. Or back to front. Or on shuffle. Whatever!

It was filling up slowly as the week elapsed. Then, all of a sudden (or, as I like to say, "as they say in Wisconsin," all of the sudden), I stumbled into some groovy, groovy Beatles covers. Then I discovered this band Kikagaku Moyo and put a handful of their songs on the playlist. It got a lot easier and tons smoother after that. I feel like I'm going to return to this one frequently in the future.

This one is a little shorter than previous Songs From Quarantine playlists at just under five hours. I guess that's because no Grateful Dead and only one Phish song this week. That's cool. I can get into that. I hope you can, too.

The Podcast!

Before I leave you to listen to the playlist, I should remind you about my podcast, The Matt Kollock Show! It is, of course, always available here on my website. But now it can be found virtually everywhere else people get podcasts.

In my most recent episode, I chatted into my mic about a ton of stuff and I did so in what I am pretty confident was entertaining fashion. I also explained my song, "They Died Alive," which happens to be the tune I used to enter the 2020 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest. Neat! Watch the video here and give me a thumbs up, won't you?

Anyway, the podcast is going well and I'm excited to produce more and more episodes. I'm even more excited about the possibility of doing interviews again. Soon!

Less Prose, More Uh...

Okay. Here's the playlist, friends. Please enjoy! Thanks!

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