Matt Kollock was born in 1976. Then he started making music. Then he stopped. Then he started making music again. 

But he almost didn't start again. Thank God he did. In his mid 40s. An awakening happened. Another in a long string of awakenings. This one artistic. 

Kollock reasoned, "why not take one more shot at the music career I abandoned back in my 20s?" Yes, he was tripping on mushrooms when he reasoned this. To Matt Kollock, this was an indication of the soundness of the reasoning. 

Matt Kollock is here to make up for lost time. To catch up on an arrested development, responsibly. To find and engage with community. To make cool-ass music and other art. 

Matt Kollock is a person who, for better or for worse, does "it all." He writes songs and performs them in public as a solo singer-songwriter. Kollock also produces his own records, playing every instrument on every song. At least that's been the deal up to this point. 

People have said Matt Kollock's music is "experimental." Is it? Kollock will tell you it's, "pop music." But he'll also tell you he's kind of a weirdo. Others have said Matt Kollock's music feels timeless and even nostalgic. People have said they like the sound of his voice. They've said they dig his guitar playing. They think his records sound cool, they say. Nice! 

And here we are. 

Matt Kollock's solo debut album, 'microorganism,' is available wherever you get your music. As is 'DO YOU FEEL IT TOO?,' an EP he wrote, recorded and released just for fun in early 2023. Kollock's sophomore full-length effort, 'Family Plot,' will arrive in spring, 2023. 

Matt Kollock also hosts a podcast called 'The Matt Kollock Show,' which can be found on all the podcast platforms. 

Matt Kollock loves you.