Who Is Matt Kollock?

A balding 42-year-old weirdo decides to take one more shot at a middle-class music career.

Hijinks ensue!

Matt Kollock writes songs and performs them with enthusiasm. These are songs about death, love, spiritual awakenings, psychedelia, basketball, TV and death. Yes, death twice. You read that right. You see, Matt made a deal with death wherein he agreed to be the dark one’s musical ambassador here on Earth in exchange for a stay of execution. So far it’s working out pretty well. But more people need to get the message. Or the deal is off.

Matt’s style is rhythmic, groovy, energetic and not quite what you would expect from the average singer/songwriter. He wants you to listen with kind attention, sure. But he’d rather see you move your body.

Influenced equally by punk, funk, blues and 90s college rock, Matt brings a one-of-a-kind sound to the stage. And it’s a big, big sound, friends.

Matt Kollock can be found performing as a solo act, but 2019 will bring performances and shenanigans with other individuals fitting into the fold. Watch this space!

Matt performs while wearing a fancy kitty shirt

Matt Kollock Performs