9 Pics That Prove Mantequilla Is the Cutest Kitty

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I am a cat dad. A proud, proud cat dad. There is no kitty cuter than my baby, Mantequilla. And I believe the following photographs prove it.

Don't you agree?


Here she is up on the dining-room table. Which is allowed in our house, if you are a cat.


OMG so fierce!


What the hell??? Oh, it's just Mantequilla participating in one of her favorite pastimes – licking plastic. Does your cat do this? WHY????


She gets high on the fridge sometimes. And then just wants to get even higher! Mantequilla, you can get no higher!


Getting high again! This time on the top level of her kitty tree. Look at that leg! The extension! Finally time for some rest.


Speaking of rest, here we have a cute coiled kitty. Come on! There is nothing more precious than this! Just look at those colors! And let me tell you, that fur is the softest material in the universe. Believe me. Sweet restful baby.


She just wants to hang out. Here I am making some beats and stuff. And there's Mantequilla offering her irresistible assistance. That little baby!


Oh no! Where did Mantequilla go??? No one can find her!


Pussy Galore! Our little secret agent has a license to kill with adorableness.

I Rest My Kitty Case

There you have it. It's undeniable. Mantequilla is the cutest kitty in the world.

That being said, I am willing to entertain arguments to the contrary, provided I am supplied with the appropriate photographic evidence. I'm awfully biased, though.


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