Everybody Needs To...

Lyrics by Annie Sanchez from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

Everybody needs 
To be heard 
To be seen 
To feel love, joy and pain

Pain reminds us of our human-ness 
What love and joy are 
That we are

Everybody Needs It

from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

Let’s talk about your daydreams 
I’d really like to hear 
Good things about the way you 
Hope to disappear 
Tell me all about the secret 
Elements that bend your mind 
Never give

Giving the Game Away

from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

I know where the bodies are buried 
I’ve seen how the sausage gets made 
The cat’s out of the bag that I carry 
My groundwork is getting laid 
Spilling all the beans

Everybody's Got a Beard of Bees These Days

from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

Everybody’s got a beard of bees these days 
Circus people working overtime 
Everybody knows what everybody else weighs 
Piecing it together on the climb 

Everybody’s showing off their ankles these days 

Undercover All Along

from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

What got 
Into you? 
I remember 
When we were aligned 
We talked about it all the… 

You know 
What I mean 
Taking down the 
Bastards from the couch 

Caught up

Jump On Top of the World (With Me)

from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

Jump on top of the world with me 
The slingshot’s loaded 
We have places to be 

Jump on top of the world with me 
The candle’s burning 
We can finally see 


Everybody Ascends

Lyrics by Annie Sanchez  from the Matt Kollock album 'microorganism'

Everybody feels 
Hearts collectively beat for love 

Everybody feels 
Minds collectively open in and out of uncertainty 

Everything we need, we