TMKS #8 – Digging, Day Jobs, Deadlines and Defeating Modesty

They said it couldn't be done. 

They said it was impossible. 

They said it was insane to even consider. 

But here we are. We did it. We got to where we were going. Now what are they saying? Not a whole lot. 

It's episode eight of The Matt Kollock Show! 

How Was Your Full Moon? 

Last Thursday's full moon was one characterized by unearthing. Digging. Bringing stuff to the surface. Friends, that happened in a big way for me. I reckoned with some stuff. I made some decisions. I moved closer to being the person I'm supposed to be. 

So that was pretty cool. I talk about that a little bit in today's episode. 

I also get into the struggles I have with my day job. And right now, I've got one more big job to do before I can get out of the game for good. Will I make it? I have no doubt, but getting there is going to be shitty. 

Finally, I've come up with some ideas with regard to how I will present my persona. Basically, I need to stop acting like I'm fucking ordinary. I'm not. We all die, so there's no use in acting modest about shit. 

So I get into all that and the thoughts I've been having about modesty vs humility. Stuff like that. I talk about Chelsea Peretti, who is one of my favorite comedians, and how her classic 2014 comedy special, One of the Greats, serves as a kind of blueprint for the vibe I'm going for. So yeah. 

Oh yeah, I called my mom yesterday on Mother's Day, but I didn't talk about that in the episode. Just know that I called her, okay? 


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