The Week In Review – Celebrating Sensitivity and So Much More

Matt Kollock poses in a rock-and-roll style with his electric guitar

May 13-19 2024

It was kind of a big week in Matt Kollock land. A lot to keep track of. Almost too much!

I decided it would be a good idea to write it all down. For me, yes, but also for you, Dear Reader.

Here’s what happened in my world:

The Anthem for Highly Sensitive People

The main thing is I released a new single, “Celebrate The Sensitive.” It’s the second single from my upcoming album, Family Plot, which comes out on June 21. That happened on Wednesday, May 15.

On the eve of the song’s release, I got scared. I was worried I selected the wrong file, for the wrong song, to upload to my digital distributor. I was running all kinds of scenarios up there in my overactive mind.

But no. I got it right. Whew! But damn, there are so many moving parts; so many things to get right. I really gotta keep my eye on things.

Which reminds me, there’s an artist I am aware of who put out a record recently. It’s really great. Super profesh and polished. They should be proud. But there’s a pretty obvious typo in one of the song titles. And it hasn’t been fixed yet. I kinda want to point it out, but also it’s the type of thing that this person might not even see as an error? Which, yeah, of course; they are a musician, not a damn copyeditor/proofreader.

So yeah, I’m the type of person who notices all the things that could potentially be seen as errors. I process them, intensely and intently. I worry about that shit. It keeps me up at night. I am meticulous.

It’s all wrapped up in being a highly sensitive person. And that’s what the song is about. So stream it now, won’t you?

Listen to “Celebrate The Sensitive” on Spotify

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Me and My Baby on the Mics Together

I didn’t just release a new single. I also released a new episode of my podcast, The Matt Kollock Show. On TMKS #28, I sat down and fielded questions from my sweetie, Annie Sanchez, about the album release cycle, being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and much, much more. The episode is called “Celebrating The Sensitive feat. Annie Sanchez” and it’s available on all the podcast platforms. I put that out on Tuesday, the 14th.

I’m putting increased effort and energy into the podcast. More episodes are forthcoming! So be sure to subscribe to the show on your platform of preference.

Listen to “TMKS #28 – Celebrating The Sensitive” on Spotify

Exposing Myself to a New Audience

Speaking of podcasts, I appeared as a guest on a pretty popular one last week. Adult Child, hosted by Andrea Ashley, is a pretty big deal among those of us who suffer from CPTSD.

Andrea and I spoke for about an hour, and she guided me expertly through my story as a highly sensitive undiagnosed neurodivergent artist making music about trauma, childhood neglect and narcissistic abuse. That may not sound like a good time, but it was! It really was! Lots of laughs. Lots of spice. I really got in there and shared my shit.

Naturally, you can find the Adult Child podcast wherever you find your podcasts. I really encourage you to check this one out.

This episode dropped the same day as my single, so I really hope neither of them gets lost in my narrative shuffle here.

Oh yeah, when Andrea interviewed me for the podcast, I was actually prepared to interview her for my podcast. Just a bit of a mixup! But it was all good. I finessed it. I’m good like that.

Listen to “Adult Child #162 – Cutting Toxic Ties: Healing From Family Estrangement w/ Matt Kollock” on Spotify

Location, Location, Location

On Monday the 13th I published a blog post on my website. It’s all about how I made my upcoming album, Family Plot, in multiple locations. Did you know I moved six times during the making of the album? Geez! That was a real challenge. Probably why it took so long.

Read "Making Music in Multiple Locations – The Geography of Family Plot" on my website

It All Began Three Years Ago In May

On Tuesday I observed the three-year anniversary of the release of my debut album, microorganism. Wow! I was such a little baby when I made that little baby. Babies having babies. Now look at me! I’ve come a long way, for sure, but I’m still really proud of that sweet thing.

Listen to microorganism on Spotify

The Complete Collection

Finally, l’ve been wanting to put all my music in a single Spotify playlist. I finally did that! If you want the full Matt Kollock music experience, and you listen to your music on Spotify, dig this playlist, won’t you?

Listen to Matt Kollock – The Complete Collection on Spotify

I Think That’s It For Now. Is That It?

All right. That was a lot! Things are happening. Feels good. Whew! Nice recap.

Thanks for being here, Dear Reader. I’ll talk to you again soon.


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