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Presenting: Music From the Making of microorganism

Hey. Are you looking for the perfect 60-some-odd-hour playlist to provide the soundtrack for the next approximately two and a half days of your life?

Cool. Now that I have your attention, what if I told you this playlist contains…

TMKS #16 – The Return of The Matt Kollock Show!

I'm back!

Guys! It's been, like, six months since I've posted a new episode of The Matt Kollock Show, and I'm happy to say that I've found my podcasting groove again. Or is it that I'm just avoiding the…

TMKS #14 – I Wanna Be YOUR Guitar Hero

Hey. How's it going? Are you doing all right? 


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Episode 14 of The Matt Kollock Show covers my current thoughts about the state of my main instrument. 

I have been a guitar player for…

TMKS #13 – Where Does the Music Come From?

I have some weird ideas about where music comes from. Well, maybe they aren't so weird. But they feel weird in the context of authorship and ownership and stuff like that. 

Episode 13 of The Matt Kollock Show podcast covers…

Songs From Quarantine #5

How was your week?

Mine was pretty eventful! I celebrated the twin high holidays of Bicycle Day and 4/20. I became the voice of the poor dog who lives next door and is neglected by her owners. The neighbors did…

Songs From Quarantine #4 and an UPDATE!

Well, it's been quite a week, hasn't it?

Shit keeps getting realer and realer. In all the worst and best ways.

I am grateful for so many things right now. I hope you are, too.

Lots and Lots and Lots

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 10

This is the tenth one of these things! Holy Shit!

It's also Valentine's Day today, so happy Valentine's Day to you! I love you!

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Shorter But Every BIt As Good

I don't have a lot of time…

What Are All These Guitars Doing?

I am working on my solo debut album. Well, to be precise, I am working on writing a blog post about working on my solo debut album. And here you are reading it! I think I'm writing this to prove…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 8

What a week.

Annie and I both had big work-related stuff going on. The world continued its newly preferred state of near-constant agitation. We had a houseguest – who was lovely and amazing. But still, having even the most welcome…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 5

Hey guys. What's happenin'?

I continue to be sick, so this week's playlist is full of tunes within which are encoded magical healing vibes. Really? Yeah. On account of all songs have encoded within the magical healing vibes. Duh. I'm…

Ajax the Dog

When I was three, my mom and dad drove me to a nearby farm to pick out a puppy. Or maybe the little German Shepherd fellow had already been selected for me. I don't know. I remember sitting on my…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 4

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It's back! And I think this might be my best one yet.

I put this playlist together over the past week or so. It's a pretty good sampling of what I've been feeding myself so far in…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 4 – BEST OF 2019 EDITION

More good stuff!

Today's edition is all about the stuff I dug the most in 2019. It's a long one, so I hope you're sitting down and you have used the restroom. Do you have a nice beverage? That would…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 2

It's Wednesday! I hope you're out there having a great time humpin' around and stuff.

So that you may continue to hump around successfully, I have created a Spotify playlist, which you can find below. This is one is mostly…

My 2020 Vision

I have good eyes. My vision is pretty great. I do not require glasses. I can read stuff, with accuracy, from impressive, if not improbable, distances. I notice things in the periphery. Stuff like that. And I'm grateful. After all…

This Is the Good Stuff Vol. 3

Friends, we made it to Friday. I wasn't sure if we could, but here we are.

Since it's Friday, I have published another entry in my This Is the Good Stuff series. You are reading it right now!

Here's what…

Discover Weakly Wednesday Vol. 1

Guys! Today I introduce a new feature in the Matt Kollock blog. It's called "Discover Weakly Wednesday" and I'm excited to present Volume One to you now.

The purpose of this feature is to share the music that's turning me…