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We are all still here. Let's celebrate with cool tunes!

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This Is Quarantine Music

Today is the eleventh day of March. Which means it's 3/11. Which means it's the day I remember how much I loved the band 311 around the time I entered my third decade.

Now I'm in the midst of my fifth decade and shit's crazy. I mean, yeah, this is obviously all building toward a reawakening and restructuring of our world, which is all very exciting. But right now we're in the shit. It's a good idea to stay home and chill out. Work on some projects. Catch up on some books. Listen to some music. Stuff like that.

So that's what this playlist can be used for. Maybe you should download it in case the internet goes berserk. I don't know. I am not an expert.

As you sit and groove in your bunker, you will be treated to the sounds of the aforementioned 311. I also went way back in (my) time to retrieve a couple of great tracks from the Black Crowes' second album. There's some stuff from after I cut my mullet, too. So yeah. It's a good one. If you stick around 'til the end, you'll be treated to some "Pretty" Purdie, as well, so that's neat, right?

By the way, when I leave my body and return to this dimension, I would like to come back as Bernard Purdie's kick drum. What about you?

See You Next Week?

Enjoy the playlist, friends! I'll be back next week with more blog posts and some updates on things. Send me pictures of your dance moves, won't you? Thanks!

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