The Matt Kollock Show #2 – Matt Has a Conversation with Jason & Melissa of Meri Dean

Wow. We are really on a roll now, aren't we?

Welcome to Episode Two of The Matt Kollock Show! Are we having fun yet? Who cares!

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Meet Meri Dean

Friends, I am excited to introduce you to my friends, Jason and Melissa Kadinger of Meri Dean. They are a fantastic set of humans and a formidable musical duo. I am proud to know them, and I'm stoked to know you're going to know them, too. Damn. We talked about a lot of stuff in this one. It was the first interview I did for the podcast, and I dig how it went down. Man.

We got into conversation about the new Meri Dean album, Don't Feed Monsters, as well as a number of other wide-ranging subjects such as music in the future on Saturn, the power of a good gospel choir, Leinenkugel's beer and much, much more!

Two Meri Dean Tunes!

My conversation with Jason and Melissa is bookended by two songs from the aforementioned Don't Feed Monsters: "Melody No. 5" and "The Laurel Tree." Hopefully, you will love the songs so much that you'll get a copy of the album for yourself. You can do so by going to the official Meri Dean website. It's a great place to hang out if you're into cool things.

Fun fact: I sing on "The Laurel Tree," so that's pretty neat.

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