TMKS #26 -- Matt's Got News and Updates for 2024!

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Episode 26 of The Matt Kollock Show is finally here! 

In today's episode, Matt catches you up on just about everything that's been going on since you last heard from him. There's talk of therapy, roller skating, music production and much more. 

Matt also discusses his spiritual awakening, the nine-year anniversary of which occurred on the date of the recording of this podcast. Good times. 

April Activity Again 

I started this podcast in April of 2020. Damn! 

The most recent episode was released in April 2023. 

Now it's April of 2024 and I'm feeling that big energy again. 

There is a lot to talk about, so I consulted my most recent blog post to help guide me through all the happenings. 

Follow along as I guide you through the recent past and drop cryptic clues with regard to what's about to happen in the near future! 


This is a new season of the podcast, so stay tuned. I will be focusing on having more conversations around music with some special guests, in addition to steering the podcast toward more discussions on topics like mental health, childhood trauma, CPTSD, family estrangement, therapy and stuff like that. 

It's going to be great! 

Remember to rate and review the episode on your podcast platform of choice. I appreciate it! 

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