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Every Year About This Time

I am so exhausted right now. But I gotta write about this stuff. It's significant.

The first third of this month has been a real trip. All of a sudden, I find myself more motivated. More confident. Less prone to…

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The Artist's Way

My hand hurts. My right hand. The one I use to pick and strum and stuff like that. It hurts because I've been doing my "Morning Pages" every day since 2023 began.


Happy New Year, by the way! How…

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It's about freedom. And it's about the safety required to feel free. It's remaining upright, yet flexible while being unafraid to fall. It's the thrills and the chills, if not the spills. There is a rhythm to it –…

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I have therapy in about 45 minutes.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Thankstaking. Friendsgiving. We need a new word. Can we break the shitty associations?

Anyway, Annie and I got to be with family. We all sat around the table to…

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Gratitude '22

Happy Thanksgiving! The most beloved American holiday with the most vile origin story. Here we are.


Every day in my journal I write about something for which I am grateful. They say it's a helpful practice for people like…

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Dear Little Matt

Dear Little Matt,

Hi from the future! It's me, the former you. I love that you can read and comprehend at a very high level already. That's really, really cool. Special. I know you can't tie your own shoes yet…

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TMKS #15 – The Anxiety Episode


If you're like me, you feel pretty anxious much of the time. If you're like me, you feel anxious in a way that convinces you you're suffering from something other than anxiety; something terrible and life-threatening. If you're like…

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Let's Keep the Money Energy Flowing!

I get my money by doing stuff for people who get paid by other people. Those other people are quickly losing their ability to pay the people who pay me. So I've been over in here in quarantine from the…

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I Do This Spiritual Shit for a Reason

These days I find myself working through much of my spiritual curriculum during long-ass walks through the Rio Grande Bosque. I'm a highly sensitive and painfully shy person much of the time, so I require a tremendous amount of courage…

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Odds and Ends #6 (WAKE UP!)

This week is one of the most unpleasant weeks of the year for me. It's the week when it becomes officially unacceptable to remain on vacation for the winter holidays. I'm also getting over an illness (more later), so I'm…

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I Am Trying to Reduce My Baseline Anxiety Level

A close friend of mine endured a health scare a few years ago. It was scary and difficult to pin down. She was convinced it was a heart thing. Turns out, it was anxiety. My friend started meditating and engaging…

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What Is Success?

I remember a time about 25 years ago when I told a girlfriend's mom that I would be perfectly content and fulfilled if I spent my life playing blues guitar licks in midwestern bars. At the time, that was my…

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Inspiration Information

I make music mostly because I feel so inspired by other people who make or have made music. It is not enough for me to simply listen and enjoy. I need to dive in and mix it up myself.


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A Conversation Between the Universe and Me

Hi there and thank you for checking out the Matt Kollock blog! It’s been a minute, so I’m happy to be back on track with this thing. I was just gonna take one week off, and then a whole damn…

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Mindfulness, Meditation, Music and Me

I meditate every single day. 

Some days I only sit for a few minutes. For example, the other night I realized it was 11:55 pm and I had not meditated that day. So I did a quick three-minute sit. Whew…

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