The Way People Use The Word "Creative" These Days Really Stinks

Matt Kollock The Way People Use The Word Creative These Days"Creative" as a noun is demeaning. You are not a "creative." You are a CREATOR. You made the thing. You had the idea and executed it. You synthesized influences, inspiration and ability to bring something into the world that did not exist previously. It's a big deal. And they want to reduce you by calling you a creative. Barf.

"Creative" as a noun implies that you are an important if not completely essential component of some larger enterprise. A larger enterprise with built-in power structures that support and promote "decision makers" as the real, true innovators.

"Creative" as a noun is the world in which people do not watch films made by teams of talented human creators; they watch Netflix.

"Creative" as a noun is the world in which people do not absorb music made by innovative human artists about whom they are passionate; they listen to playlists on Spotify.

"Creative" as a noun is the world in which people read articles on websites, not human authors or writers.

"Creative" as a noun is the world in which the lowest common denominator has the greatest value for shareholders.

"Creative" as a noun is the world in which Dr. Dre is a genius for selling shitty headphones, but not for innovating in music.

"Creative" as a noun is what allows others to take credit for your efforts.

"Creative" as a noun is why you can't afford to quit your stupid job and do something truly meaningful with your life as an artist.

"Creative" as a noun is why every song sounds like a fucking commercial these days.

"Creative" as a noun means goddamn music supervisors are more highly regarded and compensated than the creators of the music they supervise.

"Creative" as a noun is why they want to pay you with exposure and not money.

In conclusion, please stop using "creative" as a noun. Especially if you are, in fact, a CREATOR. Thank you.


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